Long Term Care Insurance: Is it Worth It?

Many people are asking this question, “long term care insurance: is it worth it?” and everyone agrees that lacking a long term care insurance policy drains the accumulated money in retirement plans quickly. Do not lose much of your hard-earned retirement funds, which are worth years of labor, to the rising costs of long term care.

3 Most Overlooked Long Term Care Insurance Information

The moment you consider getting a long term care insurance policy you are on your way to more comfortable and financially stable future ahead of you. If you still haven’t, then this is the time to think things through, get more familiar with long term care insurance information and try thinking about what lies ahead

How to Talk about Long Term Care Costs with Your Spouse

Long term care costs remain a big problem for many retiring Americans. This is why married couples must start creating a strategy to deal with the care expenses heading their way. However, this presents a dilemma:   “How do my spouse and I start planning for long term care costs?”   Recently, we shared a

3 Money Management Tips for Baby Boomers without Children

Baby boomers without children have one important defense against the growing costs of retirement and long term care: proper money management. However, this is not as easy as it seems. If you wish to build an effective financial plan you can rely on for the years to come, then feel free to jump in on

Financial Planning in the Palm of Your Hand (Literally)

As we all know by now, financial planning plays a big role in retirement or long term care. The decisions we make now affect our future in multiple ways. This is why many are quite hesitant to invest their finances or make big money-related decisions, especially if we consider the rate that the cost of