Over 40 with No Savings? Here Are Retirement Planning Tips to Follow Now

Retirement planning is a big issue in the United States. As tackled in this post about retirees paying long term care coverage, the supposed golden years can bring a great deal of stress, anxiety, and even fear. This may stem from the enormous obstacles that so many Americans have to face to cover the bases

The Beginner’s Guide to Retirement Planning: Where Do I Start?

Ideally, retirement planning should begin in your 20s—the age when you are just at the start of building your career. As we pointed out in our post entitled, Financial Management Tips for the Millennial Caregivers, the younger generations ought to look as far ahead as they possibly can. As soon as you start receiving paychecks,

4 Eye-Opening Truths about Long Term Care Insurance

At present, one-third of individuals age 40 and older have not planned for their potential long term care needs. Moreover, nearly four in 10 still expect to be able to rely on Medicare to cover any long term care services they might require in the future. Unfortunately, many are finding that is not the case.

Financial Management Tips for the Millennial Caregivers

Sleep-deprived and knee-deep in debt—these are often the favorite ways of blog sites to describe the ever-controversial millennial generation. Often painted as the materialistic crew running on caffeine from over-priced coffee, this generation has been on the receiving end of eye rolls and judgment from their predecessors. However, time’s a-changing and these millennials are stepping

5 Lessons for the People Providing Senior Care

Providing senior care to loved ones provides the perfect way to reciprocate all the love that they have showered us with as we were growing up. While the role reversal may be daunting to think about, many people readily take the responsibility because of pure love for family.   However, this does not negate the