The Simple Guide to Saving Money on Rising Health Care Costs

  The rising health care costs are one factor that people should pay attention to when planning for retirement. Why? It’s because the cost of health care is increasing every year. Based on the latest study by Fidelity Investments, a healthy 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need $280,000 to pay for health care costs

11 Tips on Managing Your Retirement Money

  Many of us dream of having a financially carefree retirement where we won’t have to worry about expenses or how we can make ends meet despite being unemployed. It’s possible to be financially stable in retirement as long as you carefully manage your funds.   Tips on Managing Your Retirement Money   Reduce Car Usage

5 Overlooked Financial Issues People Should Address Now

  It is true that America is now in an economic recovery and becoming stronger and a lot of its citizens are now getting back on their feet because of this recovery, you still cannot let your guard down and commit mistakes that can ruin your financial stability. Here are some errors that people tend

What Affects Long Term Care Insurance Cost Estimates?

Long term care insurance was introduced several decades ago, but it is only just recently when people hear a lot about it, primarily because of the growing number of Americans who need such kind of coverage. Because there is still a lot of work needed to create public awareness about this product, consumers often find

Long Term Care Insurance: Is it Worth It?

Many people are asking this question, “long term care insurance: is it worth it?” and everyone agrees that lacking a long term care insurance policy drains the accumulated money in retirement plans quickly. Do not lose much of your hard-earned retirement funds, which are worth years of labor, to the rising costs of long term care.