Financial Planning in the Palm of Your Hand (Literally)

As we all know by now, financial planning plays a big role in retirement or long term care. The decisions we make now affect our future in multiple ways. This is why many are quite hesitant to invest their finances or make big money-related decisions, especially if we consider the rate that the cost of living has been increasing over the years. It is a difficult time for tight-budget individuals, especially those considering retirement in the next couple of years.

Various aspects of our lives affect the way we plan our money, but perhaps the biggest consideration is right in front of you now: technology. The digital age has altered the way we live our lives, including the way we plan our finances. If someone came up to you thirty years ago and said that you could go on a full shopping spree at home in your pajamas, you would think that the person has his head stuck in a Sci-Fi movie. However, that is the reality that many of us are living, and we do not even bat an eyelash anymore.

Technology has changed the way we live, and this includes financial planning, retirement, and long term care for baby boomers. This is particularly important, especially for those who wish to take steps to protect their health, loved ones, and assets from long term care costs, bankruptcy, and debt.


Financial Planning

Embracing the Role of Technology in Planning

Along with various aspects of our lives, retirement is in the process of evolving. For instance, many have adjusted their set retirement age from 65 to a much later time. Some are even still working in their 80s. One of the main reasons why people do this is longevity. Many have had to revisit their financial plans to accommodate the extra years they did not consider before. Nobody wants to run out of money covering the necessities, and with the costs of long term care now, this could happen at the drop of a hat.

Technology plays a role in addressing these issues because it helps us access more opportunities to learn and increase our finances. For example, family caregivers and retirees are given a way to continue earning through online jobs. This does not just help them keep earning, but it also provides a way to cut back on costs such as transportation.

On top of that, technology in financial planning helps us save so much time. Nowadays, everything is available online. If you need financial advice, you can send an email to an industry professional. If you need information on long term care, you find the right websites online. Moreover, you get to access information that would have previously taken days. After all, if we take it from the younger generations, there is an app for everything now.


Money Management Tips in the Digital Age

According to research, 52% of Americans turning 65 will develop a serious condition which will require some form of long term care service. However, so many of the baby boom population are not prepared for the costs. In fact, approximately 35 million out of 76 million baby boomers have no retirement savings. The numbers are worrisome, and we must use all the tools available to fix this problem.


Track your income and spending

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives at this point. This is why companies from varying industries have been developing applications to increase the availability of products and services; this includes financial management. These are advantageous because it allows real-time updates. If you walk down the supermarket, you can track how much you spend. Moreover, it allows you a good overview of the cash flow which also means you can easily identify the areas you can cut back on.


Seek investment advice

Financial experts are increasingly becoming visible online. They use this platform to share their opinions, tips, and updates to anyone trying their hand at financial planning. If you look at the comments section, some financial planners engage with the individuals posting questions on their posts. If you think about it, these are essentially free financial advice.

Moreover, you can get tips from everyday individuals facing the same challenges. Online forums have become a unique platform for people to trade experiences and resources.


Request quotations online

Companies that offer coverage for long term care have shifted to offering free quotations online. These are no-obligation quotes that individuals can request anywhere.

In doing so, we can have an overview of the expenses that we will be tackling once we purchase coverage. Moreover, this allows a quicker way to compare the various coverage rates available in the market. If we compare it to finding coverage for long term care decades ago, this method is simpler, doesn’t it?

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